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A time travel adventure for the young and the young at heart


No one knows how old the Runes and groundstones are, but the hieroglyphics around the groundstone suggest they date back to ancient Egypt. There are some who think the Runes and Groundstones were a gift from alien forces, probably the same people who believe aliens gave us the pyramids.

The Stones


A rough English translation of the Hieroglyphics wording is: Time is the circle of life. put your feet on solid earth, sun, moon and stars. The stones will guide your way

The Scarab Stones

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There are three sets in total:
1. Head of Department
2. First Detective Team
3. Second Detective team

All runes are kept in the safe at Divisional Headquarters when not in use. The order in which the stones are laid is of vital importance. Any deviation can result in (at best,) nothing happening, or (at worst) getting lost in time. Day, month and year are selected – the time is random and may not mirror the time at the point of travel.

Stone Image

Black stone (Onyx) is placed in the centre before any other stone is placed. – central AD First to be laid is the Onyx (that’s the black stone). This makes sure you travel to a date within AD, so you travel to, say, 2000 AD and not 2000 BC . Travelling to the start of the Bronze Age may be of great interest to those who like this era, but that doesn’t help put to rest a cold case for the Special Division.

Stone Image

Red stone (Ruby) is for BC travel. Due to the nature of work carried out by the Special Division of SSU, this rune is not required. There are only a handful of people who know where this stone is and only the Senior members of the Special Division know it’s significance.

Eart Stone

Earth / Emerald

Sun Stone

Sun /

Moon Stone


Star Stone Stars


Chania is a city on the island of Crete.


Crete is a Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea.


You can reach Chania airport from all over Europe.