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A time travel adventure for the young and the young at heart


It seems as if the scarab stones and groundstones have always been around. No one knows how old they are, but the hieroglyphics around the groundstone suggest they date back to ancient Egypt. There are some who think the stones were a gift from alien forces, probably the same people who believe aliens gave us the pyramids. Others believe the stones were taken back into the past by someone from the future.

The Stones

The Groundstone is circular with a diameter that ranges from 4’ to 6’, depending on the location. There are many groundstones located around the British Isles. Currently there are twelve but before World War Two there were at least twenty. Most of the losses were due to the heavy bombardment of bombs during The Blitz. Officially, it is currently unknown if there are any groundstones located outside the British Isles, but there is talk of two located in North America, and the possibility of one in Australia, but these have not yet been officially ratified. It is also believed that a number survive within the pyramids in Egypt, but if they have been found it has remained a secret.


The writing on the groundstone is in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The outer circle has images of the sun, moon, stars and earth.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics

A rough English translation of the hieroglyphics wording is:

Time is the circle of life. put your feet on solid earth, sun, moon and stars. The stones will guide your way.

The penultimate inner circle contains hieroglyphics for the numbers one to ten, including the nefer hieroglyphic. The nefer in this context represents the zero.

Egyptian Numbers

Finally, the inner circle contains the stars, sun, earth and moon, all contained within a triangle. This triangle is a representation of a pyramid.

The Scarab Stones

The Scarab Stones are kept in a black leather, white silked lined case, measuring 5cm x 15 cm x 2.5cm (2” x 6” x 1”). There are a total of four sets owned by SSU, with each set having a designated user:

1. Chief of Operations
2. First Detective Team
3. Second Detective Team
4. Internal Affairs and Ethics Team

The order in which the stones are laid is of vital importance. Any deviation can result in (at best,) nothing happening, or (at worst) getting lost in time. The stones, placed in order, choose the year of travel. The day and month remains the same as the date of travel, so if you want to go back to 31 December 1999, you would need to lay the stones down on the 31 December in the current year. The exact time is variable with arrival time being up to four hours before or after the current time of travel. In order not to miss the event, travel is usually made up to two days prior to the event in order to establish a safe viewing area, away from any chance of interaction.

Red Stone

Red stone (Ruby) is for AD travel. It is placed in the centre triangle of the groundstone before any other stone is placed. This makes sure you travel to a date within AD, so you travel to, say, 2000 AD and not 2000 BC . Travelling to the start of the Bronze Age may be of great interest to those who like this era, but that does not help the SSU-Special Division bring the guilty to justice.

Black Stone

Black stone (Onyx)is for BC travel. Due to the nature of work carried out by the Special Division of SSU, this rune is not required. It is not held within the leather case and all four of these stones are kept in a secret location. There are only a handful of people who know where these stones are and only the Senior members of the Special Division know it’s significance.

Eart Stone

The emerald scarab stone represents the earth. It is the first stone to be placed inside the numerical triangle ring. It represents the first digit in the year, denoting the millennia of travel. This stone is to be placed on the 2 or 1 only. Travel into the future is deemed inappropriate and unethical. It is, therefore, banned. Failure to comply will be met with severe disciplinary action.

Sun Stone

The second stone to be placed is the Amber scarab, which represents the sun. This scarab stone is responsible for selecting the century.

Star Stone

The third scarab is a Lapis Luzuli, representing the moon. This controls the decade. It is unusual for this to be placed outside the current decade.

Star Stone

The Quartzite scarab stone represents the stars. It is the final stone to be placed and controls the year. This is the final level of conrol over the time destination. The month and day remain the same as the date of travel. The hours and minutes are variable and there may be as much as four hours difference, either behind or ahead.

The Purpose of The Stones

It is unknown why the stones were first used. However, since 1976 when SSU-Special Division was first set up, they have been used for the detection of crime. It is important that the timeline be respected and therefore, regardless of how hard it may be, the crimes must be allowed to play out as in the original timeline. Information and scientific evidence must be preserved but enough evidence is gathered within this parameter to convict the perpatrator in the current time. Time travel is usually limited to within ten years. However, in special circumstances travel to earlier time periods may be agreed upon by the Chief of Operations. This is rarely granted, except for those employed on the Internal Affairs and Ethics Team, who may need to travel further into the past in order to investigate internal breaches of the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Using the stones is strictly controlled and the following Code of Conduct is applied to all staff contracts.

1. The timeline must always be observed and protected.
2. Contact with third parties must be avoided where possible, and always kept to a minimum.
3. The stones must be protected and always locked away when not in use.
4. The stones must never be used for personal gain.
5. All employees are answerable for their own decisions, actions and neglect.
6. All people must be treated fairly and equally.
7. To be honest, trustworthy and loyal to the secret of the stones and to executing duty above all
8. To uphold the law of the land without fail
9. To lead by example and not abuse your position
10. All choices are to be based on evidence, not supposition
11. Clarity of behaviour and morals, preventing opportunities for blackmail and/or misdeeds.
12. To protect, respect, and show tolerence for others, regardless of rank or personal preferences
13. Public interest to be placed above self interest.
14. Use of force must be reasonable and proportionate to the circumstances.
15. All investigations must be approved by the Chief of Operations and this decision is final.
16. Confidentiality must be observed and information only disclosed through the appropriate channel.
17. Any misconduct must be reported through the appropriate chanels. Failure to act on known information will result in disciplinary procedures.

Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart Scientific Support Unit

All who work in the Special Division are employed on a top-secret basis and have been vetted by top security agencies. Personnel are also monitored by an Internal Affairs and Ethics team who are answerable only to the Chief of Operations.

Job Descriptions

Chief of Operations 
Internal Affairs and Ethics 
Forensic Scientist 
Lead Investigator 
Administrator – Travel Documentation
Assistant Forensic Scientist 
Deputy Investigator 
Investigator Information and Records 


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